artists working with us

Neelam Modi collaborates with Udd to design a range called “PANCHI UDD” (flying birds in hindi)

“I believe in the beauty of change”, she says. “If things stay the same, we stop looking.  When we stop looking, we stop seeing.”

According to Neelam, a key part of a designer’s job is to keep a fresh eye.  “I’m interested in botanical art because the same plant can look so different at different times.  An apple tree has gorgeous pink blossom in spring, bright rosy apples in summer, and glorious golden leaves in autumn.  I also love working on illustrations for children’s books, because no-one has a fresher eye than a child.”

She smiles knowingly.  “Then again, I’m also a fan of newness because I’m working on some great new designs.  Where would the fashion industry be if we took joy in the same things for ever?”

To see more of her work: 

Udd is proud to have Neelam as a member of the “UDD” family! Living far away from india, her home, her heart is still singing the Indian song and she wanted to make art for Udd which would make her feel close to home once again!!

Siddhika Lahori works with Udd on the Bead it!

A young budding artist has a sing song arty heart!!’
She allows her heart to rule her head and makes her own rules
Likes to work with textures, photographs and tongue in cheek imagery
She is a happy soul and Udd welcomes her into the family.
Siddhika Lahori loves experimenting with different materials so Udd
proudly provides this talented girl the opportunity to design happy jewelry with UDD fabrics!
Hoping our Journey stays a long long one!!
You can have a peek at her work on:
Sangita Pillai collaborates with Udd for the MEHNDI MANCHAI range-
Sangita is an engineer by education, an artist at heart, an ideal combination of the left and right brain!  Natural curiosity in the arts lead her to embroidery, sewing, sketching , crochet, knitting and anything that could be hand-made. She has never having had any formal training in the arts, and expresses herself through the various art forms, mostly with Indian motifs which is why she fit into UDD’S working family immediately.
 Living away from India for almost two decades has made the Indian connection even stronger for her. She is passionate about peacocks and paisley which really excited us. Hoping we can work with Sangita soon on a range focusing only on paisleys!!
Her simplicity and honesty with just love for doodling made her perfect for the UDD spirit 🙂
We at Udd are grateful to have made yet another friend for life…

26 thoughts on “artists working with us

  1. Hi- my name is Diksha Sachdev and I work in merchandising with a couple of stores – I would be interested in buying your products for them.
    Do email me your contact details ,so that I can get in touch with you.

  2. hi,
    I really liked your work… the way you play with bold colors…combination of colors and placement of designs, even the designs are creative… i really liked it…
    and i want to visit your store r factory .. to see how you works.. and will b very lucky to have that chance…
    so can you tell me where it is situated in delhi??

  3. im wondering y, peopel are nt getting replies on pricing and store location, Its a great celebrity stuff yaar, pls do let me knw your online purchasing link or store location, wud love to buy mny stuffs

  4. Hi I liked u r sarees a lot and wud like 2 know the price of 2 sarees..the green one wid shiv parvati motifs and a red one wid parrot motifs .also let me know a way 2 contact u other than e mail.thanks

  5. Hi. I see that a lot of others like me are keen on adorning ourselves in your creations. I don’t see any responses. Request you to please let me know how i go about it.

  6. Love your work! I stay in Mumbai too. Would love to get associated with you guys in some form. Also do send me a catalogue of your silk and cotton dupattas if possible. Would like to buy something for my mom..

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