Traveling back and forth to work everyday in crowded trains, the never ending work hours,  the tight deadlines were my biggest night mares.

My Husband and i often set out for weekend rural trips to get in touch with nature and our inner calling. On  all our trips I always kept a small notebook where i would get inspired by the textures of nature and doodle.  On one of our trips last year while sitting on a friends farm, my Husband casually told me to pursue my  doodling more seriously.

There it was a statement made, but soon before i could realize i had taken the plunge and quit my design job  and was getting ready for my first ever art show!!! In 3 months i had my first opening of the art show and  since then there has been no looking back!!

After 2 such shows we discussed how my art could be made more accessible to a wider audience.

So being a graphic designer by profession and an artist by heart it was natural to fuse the design and art skills  together .

Finally our faith in each other, love for art, design, Indian Color and the ability to have all the freedom gave  birth to UDD!

UDD was a name that came very naturally to both of us as it denoted FREEDOM! ( the nature, the sky, no boundaries).

Since then both of us have been working on it. My husband helps me with all the sourcing and making all final production decisions.

Working is easy as he understands all my choices and decisions without me explaining too much!

So here we are hoping to take this long journey ahead together!


UDD is a brand for people passionate about life itself.. Its the love for ART, design, fabric and bold Indianess!

UDD is based on the idea that  original ART WORKS are created and then converted into happy-prints which you would want to flaunt!

UDD believes in promoting ART as the bigger picture.

It believes in providing a door to ample opportunities to  budding artists and creative individuals.

So let us all own UDD together!!


40 thoughts on “About

  1. hi yuti… i dont know if u remember kalpana aunty … but i do remember a tiny petit yuti..playing in the compound of paradise bldg vishnubaugh…and being friends to your mom…….

    i do meet ur mom often at a common friend’s social functions…

    the last time i met her she mentioned about ur new endeavour and that u were also connected to ritika…..o she is my darling niece…

    im looking forward to firstly.. meet you talented youngsters and secondly to see ur stuff…

    all the best …i will be theer at the exhibition at zanzi….

  2. You’ve certainly found your calling…! Perfect combination… Happy for the farm to have played a part in the inspiration…having Atul’s loving support is surely key…

    Love the name’s meaning – which language?

    Good luck and best wishes – success is already achieved… 🙂

    • Hi….awestruck by ur wrk…..just loved it…resplendent ….what r the prices…also any sales or discounts offered any time..do u hv a showroom if yes whr…need extract address or jus online …plzz do reply to the above queries ….thnax


  4. Hello
    I had visited today ur stall at the Kala Ghoda festival and was bold by the collections it was an unexpected trip hence had not carried enough cash, I checked ur site loved everything that was there remember I mentioned in the stall u two ladies looked pretty with the sarees and wanted to kidnap u haaaaaaaaaa. I would like to visit whenever u have an xhbtn anywhere in mumbai please mail me at shettysujata@yahoo.com and if I want to personally see your collection how should one get in touch wt u


  5. just accidentaly found your site a few minutes back……and let me tell u there is a constant smile on my face since then…….it was as if you have read my mind…… .what i was looking for it was all there….no….. what i saw was beyond that……..GREAT WORK……
    .let me know how can i buy your stuff….
    best wishes for a bright future

  6. great designs. will i get this in chennai. actually i run a block printing unit in chennai. can i source this to add to my sale.

  7. You have a great collection!!
    Each piece crafted so beautifully & played well with the colors…
    Simply Loved your collection…

  8. As long as I remember, I have been enthralled with design in all it’s forms. Yesterday night I came across UDD and saw everything I could reach through the net. Fell in love with so so many of them !!!! Was thinking about the designs and saw them again today 😊Would love to own quite a few of em. Please do let me know where could I buy your stuff. Looking forward to hearing from your side.


  9. hi, do have an online shop? i am from Kolkata .. and I find the fabrics beautiful.. would be great if you would put up the prices…

  10. Enthralled by all that is Indian, have been on a quest to eke out endeavours that promote the same ideology. Stumbled onto your designs and am just plain awe-struck!!!! LOVE,LOVE ,LOVE your work!

  11. Great to see you guys fulfilling and living your passions . How do we come see your creations. . . ? Where are you located in mumbai ?

  12. I’m glad you quit your graphic designing job. the media industry is a madhouse. It’s 12:50 and I am just back from office. Anyway, I loved, adored the kuchi kalamkari saree. I almost wept with joy to see such beauty. PLEASE KEEP CREATING. Can you put better photos. thanks

  13. Yuti!!! as i spoke with u I SIMPLY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE……………………………. ur designs. Am planning to own quite a few :-)))))))))

  14. Hi..Accidentally I happen to find your website yesterday and was thinking of it all the time during work, sleep….so beautiful. Let me know how to order and the pricing.

  15. You have a beautiful collection. I would love to wear these half saree pieces.
    Can you please give me the places from where I can buy these pieces?
    Thank you.
    Adv. Supriya.

  16. You have a beautiful collection. I would love to wear these half saree pieces.
    Can you please give me list of places from where I can buy these pieces?
    Thank you.
    Adv. Supriya.

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